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Innovative Millwork/Casework Solutions for Employee Wellness & Productivity

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Casework for Labs, Medical & Corporate Applications

For 30 years, Modular Millwork has been a pioneer in the design and production of modular, attractive, cost-effective solutions for lab environments. In recent years, we’ve also developed new technologies for building lab casework from HDPE plastic, creating entire environments with surfaces that are impervious to liquids, germs and bacteria.

Modular Millwork’s structural frame system easily supports heavy equipment, and accessible utility chases allow for easy updates and alternations to machines and workbench layouts as needed. Our inherently flexible format readily accommodates the diverse, ever-changing needs of end users and is exceptionally durable. Furthermore, individuals can adjust setups to individual preferences, making work processes very effective for technicians. Catalyst efficiency tools make it easy for users to manage monitors, scanners, supplies, inventory, documentation, phones and everything else above the worksurface, enhancing comfort, workflow and lab productivity.

The incorporation of HDPE for lab casework construction has been a game-changer for the industry. We can custom-design modular, flexible workstations that ensure easy cleaning/sanitizing and imperviousness to liquids/biohazards. These incredibly resilient workstations are cost-effective and durable, redefining what is possible in research, healthcare, lab and hospital environments.

Tulane Primate Center
Greenville Zoo Vet Station
Corporate Lab

Agile Wellness Cart

Modular Millwork’s Agile Wellness Cart is specifically designed to safeguard employee health through convenient application of mobile testing and first aid. Built from HDPE, the cart provides quick and efficient testing, measurement and confirmation of employee wellness.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a thermoplastic with exceptional tensile strength, is impervious to liquids/biohazards, is UV resistance, and delivers strength surpassing stainless steel. Plus, it is sufficiently durable to merit a lifetime warranty and 100% recyclable, making it both cost-effective and environmentally sound.

Agile, On-Demand Deployments

  • Use outdoors for report-to-work wellness check-ins
  • Transfer between departments for ongoing testing and wellness updates
  • Deploy across the facility for rolling confirmations and to administer first aid on-demand

Durable & Sanitary

  • Seamless, chemical-resistant surfaces are easy to clean
  • Quickly sanitize with common solutions/cleaners
  • UV-stable and waterproof: ideal for outdoor use and in harsh environments
  • Heavy-duty, medical-grade thermoplastic construction for unmatched durability
Agile Wellness Cart

Asset Exchange Lockers

Modular Millwork’s Asset Exchange Lockers are the perfect solution for exchanging goods in the Covid era. This convenient, attractive and contact-free delivery solution is hygenic, secure, easy to clean and available 24/7.

Ideal for pickup and delivery of every item imaginable, Exchange Lockers are the perfect solution where you need to safely and securely exchange assets without person-to-person contact. Indoors or outdoors. Temporary or permanent. Corporate or retail. Dry cleaner or grocery store. The applications are only limited by your imagination.

Perfect for all Environments
Made from structural thermoplastic (HDPE) that is waterproof and chemical-resistant, the lockers are extremely durable and withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions.

Easy to Clean
The industrial-grade surfaces are a snap to clean/disinfect with basic cleaner and bleach solutions. Heck, you can spray them down with a hose!

No Assembly Required
Lockers ship assembled, are easy to securely install in your chosen location, and are easy to re-locate when needed.

Designer Finishes
We offer a wide range of designer finishes for the exterior surface, keypads and nameplates. Plus, colors on the UV-stable plastic will not fade over time.

Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty

Asset Exchange Lockers

Work From Home Desks

As remote work environments become the norm, it is critical to ensure proper comfort, ergonomics and functionality to optimize productivity from your workforce. Modular Millwork has perfected sit-stand desking to turn any home office into an attractive and cost-effective den of productivity.

Attractive, Sturdy Design
The stylish worktop comes in designer finishes with softened, round edges. The heavy-duty, welded frame holds up to 250 lbs!

Thoughtful Ergonomics
Work happy, healthier and more productive with the workstation that caters to you. Flexible features allow you to personalize your posture for ongoing efficiency all day long.

Easy-to-Clean Surfaces
The waterproof, chemical- resistant worksurface is easy to clean and disinfect. No one likes cleaning … so we made it easy.

Secure Supply Drawer
Vented, lockable, low-profile drawer with padded wrist rests fits laptops, electronics, and supplies. Rear cable management ports make charging a breeze.

Quick & Easy Assembly
Your workstation comes with detailed instructions and is built in a modular fashion for quick and easy assembly.

Mobile Workstation
Dual wheel swivel casters with step locks make your workstation quick and easy to move and secure in any location.

Work From Home Desk - angle
Work From Home Desk - front
Work From Home Desk - overhead
Work From Home Desk - back

To discuss details or to place an order for any Work Well products, please contact Lauren: | (864) 320-1497