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"Green Attributes" of Modular Millwork

Enviromental Stewardship:

Modular Millwork supports practical, economical and enviromentally sustainable manufacturing, sourcing and distribution practices to safeguard and protect our planet.  We partner with suppliers who share our holistic commitment to green practices.  Our mission - Provide healthy, flexible, durable and efficient interiors for active workrooms. 

Guaranteed Sustainability:
Lifetime Warranty ensures highest quality and maximum service life.  See how our truly sustainable Modular Millwork enables multiple service lives.
Modular Millwork Circle of Efficiency

Recycle Content:
Maximum recycled content preserves earth’s resources and environment. 
Learn More about our Concept of "Precycling" and "Green" Attributes

Blue Angel Certification:
Modular Millwork has earned the prestigious "Blue Angel" certification for our Sorter and Organizers environmentally friendly aspects.      

View our Blue Angel Certification

LEED Compatibility:
Our number one goal is to deliver "Cost-Neutral" sustainability that cost no more than ordinary millwork, yet enables unsurpassed ergonomics, flexibility and workflow productivity for your active interior.                                                           

View More Information on our LEED Compatibility and Point Information

Truly Sustainable Applications:

As an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Modular Millwork proudly provided New York City it's 1st Gold LEED certified building with our "green" practices and sustainable design.

The Hearst Tower becomes a reality



U.S. Green Building Council


Asset Network for Education Worldwide


Blue Angel Certification