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Custom Solutions

Modular Millwork is able to provide custom solutions with our workroom systems. Our "specifier friendly" millwork system was created to give you the widest flexibility in specifying any design for your active workroom interiors.
Please Contact Us with your specific requirements and we will work closely with you to create a solution to meet your specific needs.


This university science laboratory required a unique workroom design.  Customized student desks with frontal storage cabinets and modular workstations were provided to meet thier specifications.


Here is an example of our customized laboratory products.The wall cabinets, task lighting, and storage base cabinets were customized to fit the customer's specific needs.


We provided a custom workroom design for this visual arts school. All workstations, surfaces, and cabinetry were customized to fit the needs of the students and professors.



Learn more about our Design Assistance and Surface Options for your customized active workroom interior.