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AIA Course

This course discusses the benefits of modular millwork over conventional millwork.  Hundreds of items are involved when making changes to a new or existing tenant space, so we'll follow Millwork from demo to rebuild, discussing green aspects, modularity, how modular millwork areas can be quickly formed, broken down, and reconfigured.  This eliminates constricted work spaces and at the same time creates a cleaner environment by keeping millwork out of landfills.


We also go into depreciation and cost competitiveness of modular millwork vs. conventional millwork. The components and construction are also discussed in detail to provide the A&D community with the pertinent information to understand how, why and where this product is applicable.


If you are interested in registering for an AIA class with Modular Millwork please Contact Us and we will personally get back with all of the necessary information.  We request at least 30 days notice in advance before arranging the Modular Millwork course.

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CES Course #MM101

Modular Millwork: A Cost Neutral Green Solution

(1 Hr. LU Credit)