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HGA Architects and Engineers

Minneapolis, MN 


Hammel, Green and Abrahamson (HGA) of Minneapolis, MN found the ideal new home for their 600 plus staff... an abondoned 7 story bakery in the heart of old town Minneapolis!

The innovative A&E firm saw a unique opportunity to create something totally new out of the neglected and forgotten landmark. HGA decided to "retrofit" their business to the old structure, while preserving and restoring the original bakery interior.

HGA specified MultiSort Modular Millwork for their fax-copy-supply rooms. MultiSort's modular design allowed them to easily retrofit spaces previously occupied by the service elevators on all 7 floors.

"We are really pleased with MultiSort's modular, flexible design" says Amanda Hill, HGA project manager. "Our intended space was not finished at move-in, so we used the modular millwork in temporary space for several weeks. The product arrived assembled and was easy to set up in our swing space. It was so easy to move, our architects and engineers actually relocated it by themselves when the space was completed".

After occupying the elevator space, HGA decided to install wall heaters for better temnperature control. "We were really glad we did not specify conventional site-built millwork here", says Amanda, "as we would have to tear it out to install the heating. Instead we simply reconfigured the MultiSort Modular Millwork on the other walls and placed the heaters where we wanted them."

HGA's staff is pleased with MultiSort's flexibility and ease of use and discovered the real advantage of easy reconfiguration and reuse of the modular millwork when they were faced with unforeseen space changes in their new headquarters project!