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Blue Cross Blue Shield

Claims Center  

 Blue Cross Blue Shield, SC region, decided to implement document scanning and consolidate its regional claims processing centers. Becky Spears, Document Manager for BCBS, knew she had to upgrade their claims workstations to keep up with the changes.

 Accuracy and speed of claims prep prior to scanning were absolutely critical to make the new technology and processing successful. Becky realized she needed better, more flexible ergonomic workstations to support this labor-intensive process.

Her local modular millwork rep customized a MultiSort unit for her staff to test. They evualated the prototype, made a few modifications, and then implementated 64 stations.

The flexible, modular MultiSort stations allowed Becky's team to achieve an unprecented performance which included:

Improving productivity by 38%
Reducing cycle time by 1 day
Reduced of process errors to under 2%
100% Encryption of all sensitive documents

Becky's team was very pleased with the performance of their new Multisort Modular Millwork stations... and they were recognized as the team with the highest morale among all BCBS departments shortly after implementing their department's new scanning prep system.