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Bank One

Sky Harbor Operations Center

Phoenix, AZ 


Bank One was growing rapidly in their Southwest Region and decided it was time to build a dedicated operations center to leverage space and operating efficiencies. They contracted DMJM Architects of Phoenix to design/build their new 200,000 SF ops center.

On evaluating the client’s operations, the architects determined they needed a very flexible space and facility to keep pace with the bank’s growth and constantly changing operations.

The Ops Center was originally specified with 'site built' millwork, but after understanding the bank's need to reconfigure and relocate, the architects decided Modular Millwork would better support the workroom and breakroom interiors.

Modular Millwork's unique, independent structural design and its ability to be easliy relocated and reconfigured convinced the architect that it was the right product. They also determined Modular Millwork was very price-competitive compared to the inflexible site-built millwork that was originally specified.

In addition to the product's features, the architect was pleased to learn his Modular Millwork dealer, Sandy Bender of Filing Solutions in Phoenix, provided comprehensive specifier support, including site and operations analysis, product design, CAD illustration, equipment specs and all relevant architectural support for the fast track project.

The Ops center is a transaction-intensive, 24/7 facility requiring maximum durability of its interiors, especially the work surfaces. The architect acommodated this need by specifying stainless steel tops for all Modular Millwork in workrooms (receiving, item processing, cash vaults, sorter rooms, shipping rooms, etc.)

Solid surfaces were specified for all Modular Millwork placed in breakrooms to provide the needed durability and aesthetic in these "wet" areas frequented around-the-clock by bank associates.

The architects liked the genuine modular design and wide range of sizes, surfaces, finishes and accessories offered by the Modular Millwork. Its "Lego®" type design enabled them to specify the exact solution needed for each workroom and breakroom at the bank.

In addition to Modular Millwork's exceptional durability and structural flexibility (backed by a Lifetime Warranty), the architect and client appreciated the product's "easy change" capability that provides built-in sustainability. This "Green" feature means Modular Millwork avoids obsolescence because it can continuously adapt to changes in the operating environment, improving productivity and convenience while dramatically reducing environmental impacts and lowering "life cycle" costs.