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AAA Travel Agency

Knoxville, TN

 AAA had outgrown their physical space and infrastructure, so they retained an architect to find a new site and design a new facility.

On evaluating AAA's needs, the architect realized that the existing equipment for active document organization was inadequate to support their client's aggressive objectives for workspace efficiency. The architect called in Doug Kreager, a work space planner from Central Business Group for assistance.

Doug realized AAA's main goal was to provide "superior" travel planning services to its members. He further realized that they needed very flexible storage systems to allow easy access to needed documents. Additionally, the equipment had to readily support the diverse sizes and capacities of documents needed by AAA.

Doug recommended MultiSort Modular Millwork to the architect, advising that its "Lego" style design makes it easily customized to any space and capacity. He also explained that the built-in indexing and flexible array of interiors would make it easy to organize any size document and enable travel planners to quickly locate needed items.

On seeing a sample Doug provided, the architect realized he had the solution his client needed. He integrated Modular Millwork into the wall space directly adjacent to the travel staff, giving them direct, immediate access to the critical documentation. He also specified FloorSaver™ organizers with retractable "Smart Top" workshelves for the assembly and kitting workrooms.

The performance results are impressive as the travel agency staff now have immediate access to a greatly expanded document collection in a dramatically reduced floor space... giving them the ability to deliver the "world class" travel services they are committed to providing!