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Best Buy

World Headquarters

Minneapolis, MN 


Best Buy, America’s leading retailer of digital and electronics appliances outgrew their existing spaces and decided to construct a new, consolidated World Headquarters complex.

The site would consist of 5 distinct, multistory buildings and be interconnected via tunnels and access corridors in a “hub &spoke” configuration to enable easy mobility across the campus. They chose OPUS Architects of Minneapolis to design/build the new complex.

Best Buy’s objective was to construct a “world class” facility that would deliver superior service to its in-house staff and to their thousands of store locations across North America.

Jim Burkart, their local Modular Millwork agent, contacted Best Buy’s facilities and logistics departments and explained the applicability of Modular Millwork for their project vision.

Facilities and Logistics were impressed with the inherent flexibility of Modular Millwork and asked their architect to consider it as an alternative to the site-built millwork that had been planned for the service/support centers on all 26 floors and in the corporate distribution center.

On investigation, the architects discovered that Modular Millwork integrated easily with their client’s vision of premium support capability for customers. They were also pleasantly surprised that they could customize Modular Millwork’s accessorization, finishes and sizes to match Best Buy’s specific requirements and physical space.

Working closely with Burkart (their local agent), they specified dimensional requirements, colors and accessories for their floor “Oasises” (wherein they co-located break rooms, lounges, service kiosks, copy/fax, supplies, mail and express functions and recycling) and the corporate distribution center (which includes; shipping and receiving, print services, security, mail distribution, supply support and outgoing external stores support).

Jim provided local analysis and design support with technical drawings and specs and even had the Modular Millwork manufacturer build actual prototypes for examination and trial by Best Buy and the architects.

The clients were very pleased with Jim’s ability to configure the product to match their exact space and needs. They especially liked its built-in sustainability that lets them easily reconfigure and relocate Modular Millwork when unforeseen changes in their space or business occurs. They pointed out that this sustainability feature was not available with traditional site-built millwork or casework - even at a higher price! Exceptional flexibility and durability of the Modular Millwork…backed by a Lifetime Warranty convinced them this was their solution!